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How much is an Expert Cluster?

2015. május 16. - LP Solutions Kft.

1yro2_v2.jpgThe first anniversary is a special moment. It is worth the time to review the events and achievements. Considering a one-year old team is hardly to be considered mature or sophisticated. Well organized, cooperative is well deserved to say.


Brainstorming is an area where everybody is expert. Setting up a team of cooperative people is the hard part. It is even harder to set out targets and fulfil the related tasks.


The biggest questions is:

"When will success arrive?"

The hardest part is to keep up motivation in ourselves and in each other.


Reimaging the goal can be the most important tool to keep motivation alive.


skillPOOL Expert Cluster was founded to obtain several goals together what is not reachable alone:

  • Accelerating by each other's ideas, create innovative solutions.
  • Telling our ideas and stories to our customers, discussing their viabilty.
  • Establishing an extensive, still focused partner network.


Short future was predicted by several opinions. Certainly it was not right, despite all, we have had number of succesful gatherings and events. The summary is:

  • Regular cluster meetings: 20 pcs
  • Customer meetings at banks and other corporations: 20 pcs
  • Product development: 3 pcs, all of them in porgress
  • Presentations: 15 pcs



Average number of participant in the Cluster meeting is 5 people, other events participated by 3. Product development require a day per week, other events can be estimated by yourselves as well. Total manday is easily calculated to achieve mentioned targets. This is the price of the establishment of the Cluster. Differently said, tis is the balance of the first cooperative year.


Second year of skillPOOL targets realization. Implementation of our products and solutions will take place. In a year they become references.


Peter RENFER -

L&P Solutions Kft.

member of skillPOOL

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